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Wild Apples In Town: Cabaret dream


A young,talented waitress is bored of her job and decides to take a nap during her shift. She has a wonderful dream where all of her co-workers are part of a cabaret show. When she wakes up, she quits her job and decides to pursue her dream of being an artist.


“WILD APPLES IN THE CABARET DREAM” is a shortened version of “WILD APPLES IN TOWN” except with a different theme. It is an adult cabaret show with acting, singing, and dancing. It creates a burlesque atmosphere with a latin flavor. The dialogue is in English with some Spanish satires. The hilarious dialogues are blended with sexy choreographies. There is a space in the show for a guest artist such as: magician, acrobats, singers, or exotic dancer. “WILD APPLES IN THE CABARET DREAM” provides an opportunity for the people of Houston to have an hour of upscale cabaret entertainment.

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