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Sambabom Brazilian Dance Company is the creative brainchild of Flavia Dodson (neé Flavia Dos Santos Rocha). After more than 20 years of dancing samba in over 12 countries across Europe, South, Central and North America, and as a choreographer and dance teacher of various dance styles, Flavia Rocha decided to teach samba in Houston, Texas.

Flavia’s journey as a samba teacher allowed her to meet other individuals who had one thing in common: their passion for the art of samba. After several performances together in various public and private events, Sambabom was created in a natural way, as a result of the harmony of the dancers.

In 2010, Sambabom Brazilian Dance company was formally founded, thus beginning a new era of samba art in Houston. Twelve years later, the team has evolved into a diverse group of professional, Houston-based dancers.

As of 2022, Flavia still remains creative director, and the team is marketed as both Sambabom Brazilian Dance Company and Sambabom Dance Houston.  

Performances and classes are managed and booked by the Sambabom Dance Houston team.  All classes and performances and are founder approved.

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